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How Do I Find Time to Exercise?

The evidence is clear:  exercise is essential for good health, function, and well-being.  The risk for most health conditions and diseases can be greatly reduced by a regular regimen exercise.  To gain health benefits, it is recommended adults do at least 150 to 300 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise.  Aerobic and muscle strength training should be included.  However, most Americans do not meet the minimum physical activity recommendations. *  When juggling work, family, home, it can be near impossible the FIND extra time to use for exercise.  Answer:  MAKE the time.  Here are some tips for making time to move MORE and sit LESS:

·         Book it.  Schedule exercise time on your schedule at the start of your week.  Just like other appointments, commit to it, and make work and childcare arrangements to ensure it will happen.

·         Phone a friend.  Finding a buddy to meet for your walk or run or exercise class can help us be more accountable.

·         Treat yourself like your kid.  When kids have sports activities, parents make sure they have everything they need ahead of time (change of clothes/shoes, water bottle, etc).  Give yourself that same treatment and plan ahead!

·         Get off the bench.  Watching your kid’s soccer games all weekend?  Use that time move!  Take a few laps around the park, find a bench to do some step ups and push ups, or keep a jump rope in your bag as your portable cardio equipment. 

·         Step it up.  Using a steps tracker/pedometer gives real time data on how much you’re moving.  Get your baseline average for the week and set a goal each week to gradually increase it until you hit your goal using everyday ways to gain steps (parking farther, taking stairs, walking to lunch). 

If you need help with getting started or have other issues such as pain or other symptoms, see a health professional, such as a physical therapist, to help you get moving again!


*U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd Ed, 2018.

Allison Lock