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Sexual Assault Awareness Month
to Apr 30

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Show your support by educating yourself and your loved ones on the topics of consent, sexual violence, and ways to spread awareness. The NSVRC website has really great resources on how to stay informed and how to educate others. Check out our Facebook Page throughout the month!

I Ask for Consent

I Ask for Digital Consent

I Ask How to Teach Consent Early

I Ask How Power Impacts Consent

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Empowering Women Conference and Expo

You're invited to join our community at the Empowering Women's Conference & Expo Benefiting the Evanston Women's Business Center.

Embrace your journey and receive expert advice from local organizations and women-owned businesses.  From career, motherhood (parenting), caregiving, love, wellness, and more! Receive tip, tools, and resources on how to enhance and balance your life.   

Suzanne Badillo, PT, WCS and Judith Florendo, PT, DPT of Link Physical Therapy are among the many speakers attending the event. Their topic is about Informed Consent and what pelvic health has to do with it.

To attend the event, or to find out more information on the conference, check out the Event Website.

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